First MakeMyFuture Multiplier Event in Spain

The first Multiplier Event in Spain was carried out by the Spanish partners of the MakeMyFuture project, IES Martín Aldehuela and Málaga TechPark on the 2nd of December 2022, in the framework of the event of Málaga Mobile Week. The Málaga Mobile Week aimed at encouraging the empowering and digital inclusion of the citizens in their daily lives, through different participatory and free activities, from conferences to workshops, debates, and spaces for reflection. In this way, the event aimed to address the digital gap by promoting digital inclusion and promoting the digital empowerment of citizens.

The multiplier event consisted of face-to-face activities and practical workshops at the Vocational education and training center Martín Aldehuela to present the project and the MakeMyFuture Competence Framework. In this sense, the latest result of the European project MakeMyFuture provided eight profiles needed by Industry 4.0: Additive Manufacturing technician, CNC operations technician, CAD/CAM Designer, IT Communications technician, Data Analyst, IoT Technician, Robot machines technician and Automation technician.

Almost 40 people, mainly teachers and students from the VET center and representatives from other education centers participated in the activity. The main areas of knowledge the students were: electricity, electronics, telecommunications, and computer systems.

The event was indeed a good opportunity to communicate the objectives of the project and to make clear the importance of the selected profiles in Industry 4.0.

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